Final Exams

EduOnline courses require that students write a closed-book final exam at the end of the course. This online exam must be written in the presence of an approved proctor. A proctor is an individual who meets with a student to witness the final exam being written and later attests that all procedures were properly followed. The date, time, place, and proctor for a student’s final exam are selected by the student but must be approved by the EduOnline Exams.

Students must choose one of two proctoring arrangements: in-person proctoring or online proctoring.

Option 1: In-Person Proctoring

The student may select a proctor to meet with in person for the purpose of invigilating the exam.

The student must apply to write the final exam a minimum of two weeks* prior to the proposed exam date by submitting a Proctor Approval Application to the EduOnline Exams Administrator.
In order to be approved, any in-person exam proctor must meet all of the following

Must not be related to the student in any way
Must not be a student at any level of study
Must not be a tutor
Must have a university degree or college designation
Must be able to read and speak in the English language
Must have a valid, non-generic business email address provided by the proctor’s current place of work
If the proctor is approved, both the proctor and the student will be provided with detailed exam instructions via email. The approved proctor and student may then proceed with the final exam as scheduled. Once the exam has been written, the proctor must sign the Proctor Memorandum provided by VHS indicating that all procedures were properly followed. This document must be returned to the VHS Exams Administrator promptly following the exam. A student’s final grade is not released until this document has been submitted.
If a student chooses a proctor who charges a fee for their services, the student is responsible for those or any other expenses.

* Have this reduced to one week by using a proctor from our Pre-Approved Proctors List.

Option 2: Online Proctoring

Students may use a pre-approved, online proctoring service. This service is particularly helpful for students who are unable to find an in-person proctor or require last-minute exam arrangements. Although EduOnline strongly recommends scheduling at least two days in advance to allow for proper teacher communication.

The student will be emailed a list of detailed instructions for writing the exam with the online proctor.
For this proctoring option, students will be required to have:

A webcam
A microphone
A laptop or desktop computer
Government-issued photo ID
Upon completion of the exam, the student’s exam video will be reviewed to verify that all procedures were properly followed.
Some fees may be applied payable by the student upon scheduling the exam. In addition to the fees below, there is a $10.00 rush fee for exams scheduled within 24 hours of the chosen exam time.

Exam Length & Fee (CAD)

1.5 hours           –            $52.50

2 hours              –            $70.00

2.5 hours           –            $87.50

3 hours              –            $105.00